March 7, 2018

Coach Eli’s Community Spotlight ~ SUBSCRIBE TO MGTOW Is The Only Way To Live AKA Darren Beadman!

Today Coach Eli introduces a new segment to his channel “Coach Eli’s Community Spotlight!”

Coach Eli’s Community Spotlight will occasionally plug an exceptional content creator on YouTube! The channels showcased are supported and endorsed by the coach based on his experiences of participation! Additionally, these channels generally have a positive message and true intent of helping others with no obligation!

In this video, Coach Eli shares his very interesting yet very good experiences with YouTube user Darren Beadman, who runs two AMAZING channels. His main channel is titled “MGTOW is the ONLY way to Live.”, and his secondary channel is self titled “Darren Beadman!” Coach Eli highly recommends that you connect with this exceptionally talented gentleman, including subscribing to both of his channels. Please also consider making a donation in any amount to Darren’s PayPal. Darren is an amazing free lance painter, designer and tattoo artist! He is currently going through a slow period within his business. Any help would be greatly appreciated! All links are available below this description. Please enjoy the video to learn more about Darren Beadman and be sure to leave a comment with your honest feedback! 🙂 Thank you very much for your support in advance! 🙂

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