March 25, 2018

Dana & Coach Eli Visit YouTube Headquarters In San Bruno, California! (2018)

PLEASE NOTE: At one point in this video, Coach Eli mentioned this video is supposed to be more so about another gentleman and his relationship story. After this video was shot, Coach Eli changed his mind and decided that it would be best to leave it as a standalone video. This aspect was mentioned since the coach decided to leave that part in the video, as editing it would have not made sense.

This video is simply regarding a recent visit that Coach Eli and his lady Dana made to YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, California! Since this was done on a Saturday, the couple was only able to explore outside of the premises! In the future, the couple may return if visitors are allowed indoors during regular business hours! Please view this entire video to get a feel of what it’s like to visit the outside aspects of YouTube Headquarters! Please also be sure to leave a comment with your honest feedback! 🙂

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