June 15, 2017

Dating People With PTSD, Anxiety or Depression

Mental and emotional health disorders are quite common in this day and age! PTSD, anxiety and depression are some of the more common forms we encounter. Does that mean we should eliminate dating people that are in this state? Men and women that are classified as normal per se, typically stereotype associating with these types of people would be detrimental. Before passing judgment, there are simple steps you can take to minimize the impact of disorders within your relationship! Taking this into consideration keeps you from missing out on something amazing, with someone that is otherwise very special, normal and decent!

In this video, Coach Eli shares another real life experience with an ex-girlfriend that suffers from all 3 disorders, PTSD, anxiety and depression. He also mentions his opinions regarding when to continue such a relationship, and if necessary, at what point should withdrawal be considered! Learn how to better understand relationships when one side is mentally and emotionally challenged by viewing this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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