April 12, 2018

Dating Single Moms Has Benefits! (The Pros and Cons In 2018!)

In this video, Coach Eli responds to an AMAZING video published by a content creator named Derrick Jaxn! His video “7 Benefits Of Dating A Single Mother…” completely him home with Coach Eli, hence this video response. For the past year and then some, Coach Eli has been in a very successful relationship with a lady that has children from a previous marriage. The modern day stereotype labels this as a single mom. With Coach Eli’s personal experience, he responds and puts his own spin on the 7 Benefits of Dating a Single Mother, as mentioned in the original video shared below this description. Please view this entire video to learn the truth about dating single moms through Coach Eli’s personal experience! Please also be sure to leave a comment with your honest feedback! 🙂

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