June 8, 2017

Dating Women With Large Debt!

In this Sanctuary Episode, Coach Eli replies to a question asked by a young and curious YouTube subscriber, Jigsaw 22! This gentlemen expressed interest in learning more about dating women with large college debt! This is something that’s personally hit home for Coach Eli, and hence inspired the topic “Dating Women With Large Debt!” While Coach Eli thoroughly explains his opinions directed towards women, the same exact principles apply on the opposite side towards men! The cost of living has drastically increased in today’s society! In spite of this, both men and women seem to be more on their toes regarding who they choose to date or associate themselves with in general! This very valid fear stems from the greater risk of losing everything you’ve earned! People’s concerns are heightened in the modern world, due to current social conditioning and what we are presented in the media!

In this video, Coach Eli shares his personal experience of dating a woman with large college debt, and how it affected their relationship! He also mentions that debt is debt anyway you look at it, even beyond college debt! Regardless of being male or female, anyone you date or marry with a large amount of debt, could become a serious liability to your nest egg! Learn how to see financial danger signs in the early stages of dating someone new by viewing this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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