May 16, 2018

DRAMA QUEEN? BE YOURSELF OR ELSE! (Response To Creator Fundamentals, Grav3yard Girl & Shane!)

Being yourself and staying yourself is the only way to attract and keep the right people in your life. This completely holds true in all aspects of life including your business and personal endeavors! In example, if you attract an audience on YouTube that likes your initial message and personality, and then you completely change it up down the road, you risk losing most, if not all of your followers! If you start anything off by being the real you and always maintain being the real you 100% of the time, the right people will always support you!

In this video, Coach Eli shares the story of a long time YouTuber named Bunny Meyer, that goes by the YouTube user name of grav3yardgirl! After 7 years of being on YouTube, grav3yardgirl started losing subscribers on a massive level which sent her into a tailspin. Her channel with over 8 million subscribers was starting to die out, and this didn’t go unnoticed by other big YouTube channels. Coach Eli shares this story in detail within the video, including why this happened. The coach also mentions a few other channels, Creator Fundamentals and Shane Dawson, that played a huge part of what inspired this response video.

The links relative to this story including all channels involved are shared below this description. Please view this entire video to better understand audience retention in all aspects of life, by being the real you at all times! Please also be sure to leave a comment with your honest feedback! 🙂

~Links Mentioned or Relative To Video~

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Grav3yard Girl, Shane and The Power of Being Yourself:
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{Below Are Links To Two grav3yardgirl Videos Referred To In This Video}

Why I’ve Been Lying About My Life:

Why I’m So Scared (being myself and crying too much):

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