September 14, 2017

Fitness Series Part 3 of 5 ~ Coach Eli’s Choice Diet Is Atkins!

This is part 3 of a 5 part mini series Coach Eli has created to help the world get healthy and fit! Every segment includes the coach sharing his own personal methods of getting the best results, in the quickest time possible, while staying motivated by keeping fitness fun!

Part 3 Topic ~ Coach Eli’s Choice Diet Is Atkins!

In this video, Coach Eli discusses his preference of the best diet currently available! He stems off of his part 2 video which explained the importance of calorie counting. The coach loves the Atkins diet because of its simplicity and quick results! The Atkins diet allows you to eat proteins, such as meat and cheeses, and even complex carbohydrates (carbs). For hopefully obvious reasons, it doesn’t allow you to eat simple carbs such as desserts, certain breads, certain pastas, etc. Below this description is a link to a website that clearly explains “Examples of Complex Carbohydrates.” Simple carbs are processed through your digestive system differently than complex carbs. Make sure to read the article thoroughly so you have a good understanding before starting your weight loss journey!

Learn the truthful facts about the Atkins diet and how it has consistently worked for Coach Eli by viewing this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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Examples of Complex Carbohydrates (Article from Your Dictionary):

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