December 22, 2017

Men That Act Like Women + Responding To Your Comments!

In today’s day and age, modern social conditioning along with the mainstream media, have completely changed relationship dynamics between a man and woman! This has created a HUGE SHIFT in traditional gender roles and in many cases, has killed the sexual polarity in relationships! Coach Eli has noticed that many modern women exude more masculine energy than feminine, thus causing many men to exude more feminine energy than masculine!

Several months ago, Coach Eli released a video titled “Women That Act Like Men Remain Single!” The link to that video is below this description section. Since that time, the coach has seen many modern day men shift outside of their natural masculine essence! Please view this entire video to learn more about why this is happening! The coach also responds to several AMAZING comments / feedback on his channel at the beginning! Enjoy the presentation and please be sure to leave a comment with your honest feedback! 🙂

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Women That Act Like Men Remain Single!:

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