July 4, 2017

Performance Anxiety…Is It Really A Problem?

Coach Eli feels that performance anxiety is one of the leading causes of failure. When most of us hear this phrase, we instantly assume that it’s referring to a man that can’t sustain an erection during intimacy. You can thank the media for engraving this into our brains! While this is absolutely true regarding men, women can also go through phases of performance anxiety. In example, some women say it’s impossible for them to orgasm through penetration! This is certainly not a fact, but rather a state of mind some women place themselves in! Women that have encountered several negative experiences with previous partners, are more prone to feel hopeless. But wait…THERE IS HOPE!!!! When an attractive man comes along that is mentally and emotionally available, this will touch a woman’s mind, body, and soul very deeply. Her body will automatically feel this particular man’s presence, thus allowing her to naturally achieve orgasmic pleasure!

For men that are not able to perform up to par or sustain an erection, the issue lies within their mindset during the present moment! Men in this situation are consumed with thoughts of needing to prove something to the woman, rather than just being in a natural relaxed state! How can a man overcome this? Coach Eli suggests to clear your head, do your best to relax and just let nature take its course! The less you think about pleasing your partner, the more you will actually please them in your natural state. Performance anxiety also happens in other areas of life. This includes job performance and educational performance to name a few. To perform at a peak level within these aspects, you should always approach them with a clear state of mind and positive attitude! Coach Eli suggests taking a 30 minute walk or jog before the workday or prior to taking a major test such as a final exam. Doing so will rid you of the anxious jitters and allow you to successfully focus on the task at hand!

In this video, Coach Eli mentions some personal examples he experienced while in an anxious state, and how he pushed through them! Learn how to gain unstoppable confidence and perform better in all aspects of life by viewing this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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