August 4, 2017

Purple Pill MGTOW Is Where Every Man Should Be!

On this episode of The Video Relationship Sanctuary, Coach Eli continues his series on MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), to help as many brothers out there TRULY understand modern day women! This MGTOW topic focuses on reasons why the coach feels all men should be Purple Pillers, not full time red or blue pill takers! From his past experiences, Coach Eli has learned that most men at one point or another, are going to experience Red Pill RAGE after being taken advantage of by a woman!

With that being said, all men are born Blue Pillers since they are initially inexperienced with women at a young age. As men get older, wiser and reality sets in, they start to figure things out based on their past experience! Since most men don’t see the light until after realizing they’ve been abused within their first relationship or marriage, they go into what is called Red Pill RAGE! While it is perfectly normal to initially feel Red Pill Rage, staying in this emotional state of mind for too long is unhealthy for men! That’s why Coach Eli Recommends being a Purple Pill MGTOW! The Purple Pill is a hybrid of blue and red pills. When you take your knowledge of truth from the Red Pill and learn from your Blue Pill mistakes, it empowers you to be the BEST MAN POSSIBLE as a PURPLE PILL! 🙂 For a clear understanding of each pill, please check out Coach Eli’s video titled “Understanding The Pills of MGTOW!” The link is available below this description.

In this video, Coach Eli clearly discusses why he feels all men should evolve towards the purple pill! He also mentions a new collaboration with another YouTube channel titled “The Purple Pill.” The gentleman that runs this channel has a similar view as Coach Eli. A link to his channel is provided below! Learn the real benefits of being a Purple Piller by viewing this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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