June 21, 2017

Real Men Have Common Courtesy & Apologize When Necessary!

We’ve all heard the saying “Nice Guys Finish Last,” but does that mean in essence a man can’t be nice in this crazy modern world? In today’s society, associating the word “nice” to men, has evolved into a statement of weakness. We hear women mention that nice guys just don’t cut it for them! A real man displays characteristics of a charming gentleman or a good guy, words that better state he’s not a jerk, but neither a sissy! While women need to feel safe and protected in a guys presence for attraction to happen, they also want a man that’s decent and respectful as well. For chemistry to exist, there has to be a good balance of these aspects, which leads to the topic of this video “Real Men Have Common Courtesy & Apologize When Necessary!”

Living in a very fast paced society often diminishes how we react to things. Common courtesy is a major aspect that is often forgotten, and isn’t so common anymore! The media makes it appear that men who are apologetic are frowned upon as being weak! Whether you are male or female, apologizing for mistakes that are made actually makes you a better human! In Coach Eli’s opinion, this type of behavior displays MORE STRENGTH DEEP WITHIN A REAL GENUINE MAN! On the flip side, some men apologize when it isn’t necessary! This comes off as ass kissing in an attempt to win her heart. Most men don’t realize that conforming to a woman’s wants and needs that aren’t in alignment with his beliefs, is only a waste of time and delays the inevitable breakup.

In this video, Coach Eli mentions the traits a REAL MAN has and doesn’t have. He also includes a personal story about a former friend, that was often rude and disrespectful to others in public settings. Learn the differences between being too nice or being courteous by viewing this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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