November 16, 2017

Why Women Breakup With Men & How To Prevent It!

Breakups for both men and women can be very difficult to understand and deal with. In Coach Eli’s opinion, he feels that men have a little more difficulty understanding this! Men are usually thinking logically about everything and tend to not understand women’s natural emotions! In spite of this, men are typically blindsided when women break up with them! Men need to realize that women are going to be most attracted to your emotional strength and NOT EMOTIONAL WEAKNESS! In example, if a woman is emotionally stronger than her man, what would be the purpose of being in a relationship with him? Plain and simply put, there would be nothing emotionally bonding for her there! BOTTOM LINE: If the woman is emotionally stronger than the man, she will stop trusting his masculine core and shortly fall out of love with him! This is typically followed by the dreaded “BREAKUP TALK!” Everything mentioned leads to massive confusion between both sexes, since most couples don’t understand how the opposite sex works!

In this video, Coach Eli discusses how men and women can better identify each others wants and needs, and respond effectively! The coach also shares how to handle unexpected situations and diffuse them! That way your relationship journey can continue in the most honest, loving and caring ways possible! You NEED to view the entire video so you aren’t caught with your pants down when your relationship encounters hiccups! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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