June 2, 2017

Do Women Make Better CEOs Than Men?

The Modern Day Women’s Movement has undoubtedly empowered women to step into roles, that were once seen as things that only men would do! In spite of this, more women are in the workforce and performing jobs that previously only hired men! While it’s good that women have more rights and opportunities than in the past, this also comes at a price! This especially holds true for women that step into high caliber positions such as CEOs, and still desire to have a personal life. When a women works the role of a CEO, this type of job practically forces her to step out of her natural feminine essence, and spend the majority of her time on the job exuding masculine energy.

While this has become acceptable in the workplace per se, if a woman comes home displaying strong masculine energy towards her boyfriend or husband, it throws off the masculine and feminine polarity! In turn, this dissipates the sexual chemistry, and eventually leads to cheating, a break up or divorce! Despite these work demands that include long days at the office, women that also desire to have a family (Husband & Children) will find this much more difficult to accomplish! Properly nurturing and raising children requires a great deal of time on a daily basis! This can be extremely difficult to balance while working a job with the demands of a CEO. Also, let’s not forget figuring in time for romance with the husband!!!!

In this video, Coach Eli dissects a vault.com blog article written by Derek Loosvelt titled “Do Women Make Better CEOs Than Men?” Derek is Vault’s senior finance editor. Derek has a BS in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA in creative writing from the New School. His writing has appeared in several online and print publications. Previously, he worked in investment banking as an M&A analyst and associate. While Derek more so tackles the financial impact of women as CEOs, Coach Eli adds the effect this has on their personal lives. Learn how to better balance your work and personal time by viewing this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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