May 30, 2017

What Do Women Really Want with Dana Aughney!

By Popular Demand, Coach Eli continues the video series he started several weeks ago on location at his girlfriend’s place! It appears that Dana Aughney is becoming a regular on The Video Relationship Sanctuary! Her female perspective has become priceless to our viewers! This week Dana and Coach Eli tackle another HOT TOPIC “What Do Women Really Want!” What women want and need in today’s modern world has completely changed compared to only a few decades ago! As mentioned several times in previous videos, the modern day Women’s Movement has a lot to do with this. Traditional gender roles have completely gone down the toilet, thus making it more challenging for relationships and marriages to work in this era! Men seem to be getting more complacent and exuding more feminine energy, while women seem forced into masculine roles to step up and make up for what the man lacks! This undoubtedly ruins the sexual polarity between a man and a women, and often results in divorce or a break up!

Dana discusses several interesting and very insightful stories regarding why her marriage failed! The information she shares is a HUGE EYE OPENER for anyone feeling unhappily stuck in a marriage or dating relationship! Coach Eli also joins in and discusses solutions to this major issue during this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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