June 23, 2017

Women Test A Man’s Strength, So Men Should Test A Woman’s Emotional Stability!

When women seek out romantic companions, they naturally test a man’s strength to determine compatibility! They do this subconsciously since it’s part of their natural feminine essence. First off, a woman needs to feel a man’s physical strength, in order to feel safe and protected from any inherent danger the couple may encounter. In addition, she needs to sense a man’s mental competence and emotional strength. Women at a normal and natural level are more emotional than men! In spite of this, they desire a man who’s emotionally stronger than them! This provides women a sense of comfort knowing a particular man will be her rock in these moments! Does this mean a man can’t show any emotion at all? ABSOLUTELY NOT! If a man shows zero emotion, that turns off a woman just as fast as if he was acting like a big fucken emotional pussy! A real strong alpha male is able to balance showing raw emotion and displaying emotional strength!

Since women constantly test men before commitment and during a relationship, men should be testing as well to see if a particular woman is the right fit for him. For men, this primarily involves ensuring the woman is in a good place within her life and most importantly, is emotionally stable! Most men understand that women in a normal state of mind are more emotional than man. The major issue lies when a woman displays more emotion than normal within her natural feminine essence! This creates emotional instability which is a HUGE IMMEDIATE TURNOFF to any normal, confident and competent man!

In this video, Coach Eli discusses crucial aspects that both men and women should address while on the dating scene. He also shares the challenging differences of using online dating, when compared to meeting people the traditional way at social events! Learn how to best qualify your future mate without wasting unnecessary time by viewing this video! Please also share your honest feedback by making a comment!

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