About Elias

How’s it going? My name is Elias Melas, but you can call me “Coach Eli” from here on out! Before I share more about who I am, let me mention that I am truly here for your best interest and have personally tailored this entire website for both men and women. 100% of this website’s creation, style, updates, videos, audio podcasts and content, has been personally created, recorded, edited and uploaded by me! It’s this type of genuine dedication that I’ve always provided to other business and personal ventures in the past, and a standard practice in my coaching services! Humbly speaking and so you know a little more about my personality type, I have the brains and capabilities of a super smart nerd, but the looks and social skills of a very confident alpha-male! In most cases, human beings are naturally either more book smart or life smart. There is typically a lack of one side within most humans and in my opinion, having a great balance of both gives you the best shot of success at anything you’d like to accomplish. With that being said, I do consider myself to be life smart as well as book smart and working on both aspects together, are a crucial part of effective relationship coaching! Being in my early 40’s, I have experienced a great deal in my personal and business life, and I NOW CLEARLY “GET IT!” My job is to help you “GET IT” as well! Part of this happens by creating an understanding road map and paving the path of least resistance! Furthermore, this allows the BEST OPPORTUNITIES at succeeding with any personal or business relationship you encounter in your life! This is where the magic of your much desired changes start to happen, but it’s only the beginning! For this process to actually work now and in the future of your life, this involves a constant process of accountability! Since most humans have a very difficult time holding themselves accountable, that’s EXACTLY where a coach like me comes into place!

So who can I help and how? I coach both men and women on how to attract, build and maintain AMAZING Relationships on a personal and business level! Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, etc. I love and appreciate everyone regardless of their race, sex, orientation or views! I am one of the most diverse individuals on the planet and I welcome everyone into my world! Every relationship type mentioned above has masculine and feminine energy, and dissecting this for my clients is the core basis of my services. After checking out my material, you may end up wondering why my site is more catered to men when I coach both men and women???? In my opinion, most men desperately need greater help regarding relationships than women, simply because men are more logical creatures most of the time, while women primarily think emotionally in their natural everyday essence. Most men don’t understand how to properly communicate and engage a woman’s emotions, which creates a communication breakdown that many men struggle with! Women on the other hand are more natural communicators that aren’t afraid to express their emotions on a constant basis. Since most men are naturally emotionally closed off due to one of many fears, this creates a disconnect between a man and a woman. In spite of this, most of my videos, podcasts and other information is based on the male perspective. This doesn’t mean I will not create future information catered specifically towards women. When it makes sense to do so, feminine content will be available. Regardless, any information whether catered primarily to men or women, IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL and very informative to both sides of the spectrum. I think you get the picture! 

In addition to my romantic relationship teachings, I also coach corporate employees and self-employed entrepreneurs. This includes how to be more productive, generate more sales / reach your goals, get promoted (corporate world) and how to transition into self-employment. If you desire to run your own business to replace your income / corporate job, be your own boss and make your own schedule, I have a plan for you! If you aren’t aware, business and personal relationships are very closely related and tie in hand in hand. Part of my coaching services will assist you in finding the proper balance between your work life and home life, regardless if you are a corporate employee or entrepreneur! Most of the information on my website is “FREE” including videos, audio podcasts, blogs, etc. You just need to register by creating a “FREE” account on this website! I am here to sincerely help you from the heart with no obligation, and I will never push you into any of my paid services! Although if you do find value from any of my free information, you can make a donation in any amount by clicking the “Donate” Tab in the site menu. This is completely optional but very much appreciated. Furthermore, if you need additional help for your specific and unique situation, you can click on the “Coaching Services” Tab. Several phone and e-mail coaching options are available. Please read the next section below to learn more about how I am Qualified to help you! 🙂 Thank You! 🙂  

Ensuring proper qualifications are a MUST when choosing to work with a coach or using anyone’s products or services for that sake! So what in the world QUALIFIES ME to be a Business & Personal Relationship Coach???? Before I answer that, let me mention that I know what you are thinking! When you come across someone like me, you may be asking yourself…. “How Many More Coaches Do We Need In The World”, “Are You Coaching Just To Make Easy Money?” or “How Can You Prove Results Before I Invest In You?” Let’s start off with the “Proving Results” objection! A “REAL COACH” will never guarantee results, YES…THAT’S RIGHT! A REAL COACH WILL NEVER GUARANTEE RESULTS! Now you’re thinking, “Why Should I Believe In Your Coaching Methods If You Can’t Guarantee My Success?” THE REAL ANSWER: Your success in life is based on your actions, belief in yourself, being able to deal with failure / rejection, consistently applying the methods a coach teaches and a little bit of luck! A Relationship Coach is like a Tour Guide for your life! In example, when you go on vacation, most major cities have tour buses that drive you around the area to educate you on the history, landmarks and to make you aware of fun things to do! Typically there is a tour guide on the bus with a LOUD MEGAPHONE that shares information and answers questions! These tour guides are not there to tell you what to do! Instead… their job is educating and allowing you to make an “INFORMED DECISION” on how to spend your time in the area! A Genuine Relationship Coach, such as myself, follows these same principles in my practice!

Next, let’s tackle the “Do We Need Any More Coaches…There’s Already An Abundance” objection! By this point, you’ve either come across several other coaches online, or if you are an Entrepreneur that attends in person business networking events such as myself, you’ve encountered several of these people in person. Before I share my experiences regarding my encounters of other coaches, let me share where these experiences came from. For the past 10+ years since I’ve been self-employed, I’ve attended several business networking events, joined some Chambers of Commerce and participated / supported several other social events that were run by the people I met through networking! After my first year of being an entrepreneur and attending events, I started to run / lead some of these events for other organizers / organizations. After learning the ropes, I took it one step further and started my own networking organization in 2011. I Founded The Genuine Networking Association or (GNA) for short. You can find out more about my experiences and what my organization does at this link: http://genuinenetworkingassociation.org/about. Through these networking experiences I met several wonderful people that claimed to be a coach. I say “CLAIMED” to be a coach because while most of these supposed coaches were very nice and genuine people, they didn’t seem to display the confidence, fire and dedicated passion I would expect from anyone I would want coaching me! It got me thinking just like you are probably thinking… “How In The World Is This Person Qualified To Do This?” For the record, I am not trying to bring down any other coaches out there, as there are plenty of opportunities for all coaches to run a great business! With that being said, most of these coaches were very soft spoken or they would speak in a melancholy tone of voice. When someone speaks to me in this very quiet and non-animated tone of voice, it makes me feel like they are trying to be overly professional or even trying to kiss my ass, in an attempt to sell me their services! This approach turned me off back then and still completely turns me off today! I felt like most of these coaches weren’t strong enough to give me the KICK IN THE ASS I needed to further succeed in life! In spite of this and by learning a TON of life changing information from all of these networking experiences, I realized there has to be a better way to educate and guide other entrepreneurs down the right path of success! That’s where my passion stemmed from to create The Genuine Networking Association (GNA)! Based on these entrepreneurial experiences and my prior 16 years of corporate sales and business operations experience, there is nothing out of range to help you! One of my BIGGEST PASSIONS is assisting people in creating a balance between their personal and business life! This is followed by guiding my clients towards the right path of achieving financial freedom!

On the personal relationship side, my qualifications stem from The School of Hard Knocks! In my sincerest opinion, there is no better way to learn and teach others than basing it on your own personal experiences! Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in several long term relationships, attended many personal development classes over the past 10 years and have soaked up information like a sponge from others I’ve followed! From all of these AMAZING lifelong opportunities, regardless if they’ve been positive or negative, It has allowed me to MASTER instinctive responses on demand for any personal / romantic relationship situation! It is this INTUITIVE INSTINCT I use to dissect your situation on the fly and share your best course of action!

Now I’ll address the “Am I Doing This Just For The Money” objection! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I am making a living at the same time, just like any normal human being would in my shoes! Being a Business & Personal Relationship Coach is my TRUE Purpose, Mission, Drive and Passion! I sincerely enjoy helping people from the bottom of my heart! THIS MAY BE A SHOCKER TO MOST, but on this website and my YouTube Channel, I am GIVING AWAY most of my information through audio and video for FREE! YES…THAT’S RIGHT, FREE & WITH NO OBLIGATION! 🙂 If you continue to follow my teachings, you’ll learn everything you need to know and better your Business and Personal Life, without spending a penny! At the same time, if you receive great value and success from my audio and video work, you have the option of making a donation in any amount by clicking the Donate” Tab in the site menu. You are in full control of your choices with Coach Eli, and I will never force or push you into my paid services!

WHAT IF YOU NEED MORE PERSONALIZED HELP: If you are still struggling to learn the information provided in my audio and videos, you can click on the Coaching Services Tab for more info on how I can personally work with you and your individual unique situation.